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Default How to Install Precursors in English with full sound.

January 31st, 2013, 09:22
Here is a step by step updated walkthrough on how to install. (most of the old links are broken and missing, so i created new ones.)

1- procure copy of game via gamersgate or or wherever. install game.

2- Apply 1.1 update, found here

3- download TRIVIUM precursors found here…ecursors.rar?m go into TRIVIUM folder and open 1.01 and move everything over and override when asked.

4- Apply newest patch found here

5- add Russian sound files, found here…%20files.rar?m place into packages folder override when asked. also found here…-voices-part-1…-voices-part-2

6- Open Game and when asked for serial, open TRIVIUM keygen and follow directions
(this removes the evil Starforce protection)

7- (optional) apply film grain fix found here…film-grain-fix

and that should give you the game in full audio and in english, enjoy.
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