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January 31st, 2013, 17:27
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Election law varies state-to-state over here so I can't really speak nationally, but Indiana does not have a "null" vote and Ohio didn't back in the day. We are allowed to "write in" a candidate that isn't on the ballot (thus, Mickey Mouse regularly getting votes for President), which could functionally serve as your null vote.
I don't live in USA, but here we're also allowed to add another name to the voting paper in case we dislike all candidates.
Also, if you can't stand any option, you can always do like I did last time we had elections - writing on the voting paper your thoughts about them: thieves, criminals, mafia. Your vote won't count of course, but you have every right to express your thoughts and here it's legal, noone can sue you for writing those stuff on the voting paper.

Which would be my answer on the thread title. If you didn't vote for whatever reason, your future whining should be ignored.

In any case, I can't believe ppl just skip to vote. Usually with explanation - I just can't be arsed.
Did you choose to forget that in recent history not everyone had rights to vote? Also, did you forget or you're just ignorant that in some countries one of the major punishments is/was not just a death penalty but also denying voting rights to a person?

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