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January 31st, 2013, 21:33
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Democracy actually refers to "a government by the people" (Does a dictionary count as an impressive textbook?).
And how does that mean the need to follow a bureaucratic system?

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If the ballot box has no real impact, then you don't have "a government by the people", which means you don't actually have a functional democracy. Thus, your initial limiting criteria voids the hypothesis before it draws its first breath.
It proves the point perfectly. If the ballot box have no real impact, it's not democracy. The people must then govern the society by other means and to speak out is an essential part of it.

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Well, this kinda came out of left field and doesn't even have post history to support it. Hopefully, it made you feel better, though. Glad I could be of service, but I'm afraid the teacher doesn't get a juicy red apple for erroneous insults.
You uncritically defend the system to be infallible.

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