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Default Hey Smokers: I Hate You

February 1st, 2013, 09:38
What a great end to a good day, and i get to thank smokers for it!

I have never really absorbed Los Angeles. You know, really walked the streets, taken it all in, eaten in the little hole-in-the-wall restaurants, experienced all the beautiful neon chaos that comes together in this place. Ive never visited the kitschy little new age, hipster, and ethnic shops, seen the landmarks, etc.. I've never people-watched, babe-watched, bum-watched, and at the end of the evening RPGwatched on my pc in a seedy LA motel. I've passed thru, but never really experienced Los Angeles until today. I could have left early, my business trip requirements have been met, but I just felt I needed to hang out here in LA for the day and tonite. I needed to experience Los Angeles, and after an evening of LA I can say that I truly have. People cut down LA, well you know what - I like Los Angeles. It has a distinct culture and feel that you find nowhere else. I cant wait to come back.

One thing the motel manager made clear when checking in was a solid "no smoking" policy, I even had to sign a pledge specifically stating that i would not smoke in my room. To my chagrin, I'm walking down the hall to my room and i smell the telltale acrid reek of the smoker. Flippant as ever, inconsiderate as ever, here in the forbidden zone.

I sigh to myself, sliding my key card in the door. Who knows what room it is, even if i wanted to narc them off I couldnt. Just then, the stubby manager rounds the corner and brushes past me, sniffing along the hall as he goes. This guy obviously is experienced when it comes to rooting out these slobs, he nailed it. He starts banging on a door down the hall, and 5 minutes he's got them headed out the door w/ their luggage, threatening to call the cops if they give him any shit!

Oh they griped, they muttered, they begged, but it didnt matter, they signed that paper and somewhere it must state "thou shalt not, else..". So they left. Out on their ear. Later pigs, we have enough smog as it is around here. Get lost.

Fuck yeah, I love LA
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