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February 5th, 2013, 00:10
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That's a bit extreme (assuming you were not joking, if you were disregard this). Exposure is usually short and concentration low outside -> little/no health effects. The smell is bad, and personally I very much want to avoid it. But banning it is a bit harsh.

Again, if you were joking, ignore my post.

The reduction in asthma admissions is good news.

pibbur who usually holds his breath whenever a smoker approaches.
I'm not so sure that's too extreme.

I can't go in public naked , I couldn't go to the bathroom outside even if I dispose of it properly afterwards like you would a pet, I can't just throw my trash on the ground or out my car window like most smokers throw their cigarette butts.( I know several smokers and very few of their car ashtrays have ever had a cigarette in them) Where I live I could even be ticketed for my muffler or car music being too loud due to noise ordinance.

All of these are illegal because they are public nuisances I don't think it would be a stretch to consider smoking a public nuisance.

As for drinking I don't support that either. We do have public intoxication laws, although you really have to go overboard to actually see it enforced. I don't hardly ever drink and can't remember the last time I was drunk but will admit I have a higher tolerance for drinkers than I do smokers, except when a drunk idiot wants to get behind the wheel.
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