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February 6th, 2013, 01:34
Seriously. People who are against smokers need to get a grip. SOMETHING needs to kill these people.

Until we're all super serious about colonizing other planets, we ought to stop complaining about choices people make to limit their life expectancies.

We're all in for a bumpy ride on this planet if everyone starts living to age 90 and up.

Instead of complaining, thank them for sticking up for personal freedoms, in the face of outrageous(should be illegal) taxation levels. And say a prayer for those brave souls willing to die a little earlier to leave a little more for the rest of us.

I was a tobacco user and I held out for a long time… the gov't shouldn't be able to tell me how to live my life. But I couldn't bear to prop my crappy useless gov't up anymore with my hard-earned money just to make a point. Now I'm just a goddamn quitter.
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