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February 6th, 2013, 06:02
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And how about driving while intoxicated? And how many wifes/kids were battered because their father had a cigarette?

And why is that I wonder?
Mainly because I find smoking more intrusive than drinking. Some one can be drinking at a table next to me and I wouldn't even notice but if they are smoking the stench will bother me. I see and smell smokers everyday, it's been 2 or 3 new years ago since I've seen someone drunk.

Also, there are several studies that suggest a drink a day can actually have health benefits. So it could be argued that a responsible drinker could actually see health benefits. Were as as a smoker never would and would only damage there health.

Let me make 2 things clear:

1. I'm talking about responsible drinkers not alcoholics or people that can't just have a drink or 2 but have to get trashed every time they drink.

2. I wouldn't care if they banned both as it wouldn't affect me personally, except for the huge tax hike I would have to pay since the government wouldn't have 2 of it's cash cows.
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