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February 6th, 2013, 14:13
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I'm not tryong to educate any one. What I wrote was not (despite mentioning him) directed at BN, it wasn't directed at anyone. At least i didn't attend to.
Take a deep breath.

I can't control what you were trying to do, and everyone on this site knows that you're not that kind of person.

You're way too amiable for that kind of thing.

But you brought extremely relevant information to the table, and I consider that education for those who weren't aware of alchohol being a significant factor.

As for not being able to transfer your information to other places, that goes without saying.

But, once again, my common sense tells me that we don't need to be able to transfer it directly. The kind of numbers you're talking about are so extremely significant - that it can't be a local thing exclusively.

Anyway, I still have no doubt that it would take less than 5 minutes to Google something from the US (or whereever) to support what I'm saying.

But I consider the effect of alchohol so well known and so obvious - that people who refuse to accept it - are being willfully ignorant. It's hypocrisy of the highest order.

So, even if I found something so clear-cut that even a monkey would have to accept it - I'd have to listen to some bullshit denial.

This is about how people are perfectly willing to ban smoking, because they don't smoke themselves. However, alchohol is a no-go - because most people drink.

I have no patience for that crap.
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