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February 6th, 2013, 22:03
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I did read it. I find it pointless to simply tell you that you're all over the map and tremendously inconsistent—you get all fussy and you resist any attempt (whether backed by "common sense" or backed by a wall of documentation—as a side note, I find your clearly stated reliance on "common sense" in this thread ironic given your utter disdain when others use it) at people telling you how to think. Thus, the only real avenue to get you out of your mental bunker is to ask questions that (attempt to) lead you to the desired thoughts all by your little lonesome. If the thought ain't "DArt sense" then you're simply not going to accept it.
Let's see how that works out for you.

Remember, there's a difference between being inconsistent - and people not listening, or even worse, not comprehending what the hell you're saying.

As for my question itself… you're a clear proponent of gun control and claim that guns have no real use beyond harming others and a high chance of harming yourself. You dismiss any argument about positive aspects of gun ownership because they don't fit into DArt Sense. OK, if that's the structure you're happy with, I'll roll with it. Now, let's look at tobacco smoke. You do not favor a ban of smoking, in spite of significant evidence that smoke definitely harms yourself and has a high chance of harming others. Let's not even drag in the alcohol argument at this time, although it would fit into my argument just fine— I'm a little pressed for time.
I said I'm not in favor of banning smoking UNTIL we know more about second-hand smoke.

Now, and this is the key part you're not getting, the DIFFERENCE between smoking and using guns - is that owned guns CAN'T be controlled in a way that's sufficient. You CAN'T have a gun in a way that doesn't risk lives of other people. That's because there's only a SINGLE use - and that use is lethal, no matter what the hell you do - if people are involved.

Even the most responsible parent can make a mistake - and a child might get his hands on it - or some criminal during a break-in. Whatever. It's completely and utterly lethal in the wrong hands.

To put it into words you might understand - it's too damned lethal and it's too damned obvious. Lethal to OTHER PEOPLE - that is.

For smoking - IF second-hand smoke turns out to be significantly dangerous ONLY IN SPECIFIC scenarios - than a complete ban is not right.

You see - "deaths" caused by smoking is not as clear-cut as "deaths" caused by guns. The grey area is ENORMOUS.

Remember this is ENTIRELY about second-hand smoking.

Deaths by "first-hand" smoking is not cause for a ban. I believe people should have the right to choose something like that.

The same would be true for guns, if guns were only used for suicides. I'm not against suicides.

THAT is why I'm not FOR banning smoking OR alchohol - because the grey area is enormous. But I'm also not AGAINST it. I'm UNDECIDED. I need MORE INFORMATION before I would support taking away such a freedom.

Oh, and if it's not already obvious, I don't give two shits about the "research" into second-hand smoke. The amount of factors coming into play that are relevant are such that it would be nearly impossible to establish what the hell causes what.

We would need a much higher priority on the subject, and I'd support that in a cold minute.

You're inconsistent. Worse, you're sniping at people for using common sense as it relates to guns while joyously reveling in common sense as it relates to smoke. If your logic is that tortured, the only real response is to question whether the logic is sound. I suppose it's up to you whether you're willing to do that. I won't even attempt to tell you what to think. Use your DArt sense for a bit.
Being called inconsistent by you is like being complimented - so thank you.

I'm sorry you can't think outside of your tiny, tiny black and white universe - but let's just say I'm not worried about my consistency. That was never a problem for me.
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