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February 8th, 2013, 11:45
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After using it for a day;
* My scarcely furnitured bedroom and kitchen have very clean floors now. There was cakes of dust here and there when I started it but after a few runs, both rooms (with medium size) are pretty clean
* I need to keep the bathroom door closer because while it can get in, it cant get out
* My apartment is shaped in a U-turn. Having the droid in the furthest northwest make it unlikely to reach the furthest northeast right now.
* The livingroom is too complicated. Too much stuff on the floor and it won't do carpets well. Will need to rearrange the furniture and I am fine with throwing out the carpets (which I planned for awhile). Note that I have an unusually occupied livingroom so it's not normal conditions for a machine like this.
* Making room for the droid automatically cause me to think more about what i put on the floor, as a result the apartment looks more tidy.
Hmm, sounds useful.

I have a pretty sparsely populated living room and first floor. My worry is whether it can climb over the small "bumps" in the doorframes.
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