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February 15th, 2013, 06:50
The gameplay is just dull and that's the worst damned thing that could happen to an Aliens game. The only way I could recommend this to anyone would be for the story alone.

Gearbox are solely to blame for how this sub standard game turned out because make no mistake this a terrible game. Awful visuals, awful voice acting, awful gun-play. Kinda surprised given there past games. Don't play it if you're expecting an above-average, or even just above mediocre, game.

It feels like 90% of Gearbox were making BL2+ DLC, with a few guys in their basements working on Colonial Marines for the past four years, updating the rest of them occasionally.

Let me put it this way I wish Obsidian would of made there Aliens rpg instead of this. Instead Sega canceled it and had gearbox release this instead.

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