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February 15th, 2013, 11:34
Few years ago after replaying both SS1 and 2 I played bioshock and it was a huge letdown. System shocks had interesting world to explore. Bioshock felt like plastic dx10 world filled with crazy people who all want to kill you. The world in bioshock was hard to understand while in system shock it was clear. Also there was more freedom in system shock especially in the original.

I didnt like the story, setting or atmosphere of bioshock I think that was the killer for me since the gameplay wasnt that great either. It was just too stupid and unbeliavable imho. Nazies in the bottom of the ocean? Right…Its like saying that "Iron Sky" had good story and setting.

Totally different genres if you compare it to the setting of system shock. Bioshock is more like crazy comedy while system shock is science fiction.

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