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February 17th, 2013, 18:09
I didn't raise it as a defense of my 'corrupt' nation. I raised it as a point that we could all trash each other's various cultures and laws but that has nothing to do with the actual point. I'm glad your inability to properly read what other people have written hasn't changed in my absence, Dart.

Next time, though - if you don't care about the issue, how about not fucking replying, chief?

And lulz. Internet warrior? Courage? No, I just think you're a troll who - unfortunately for you - let something personal slip, so I'm going to take a dig at your emotional turmoil for 1) my own amusement and 2) petty revenge against your years of trolling and stupidity that I had to sit through.

But since you've admitted your own cowardice and inability to defend your own arguments - to the ignore pit with you! Bai!
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