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February 18th, 2013, 10:49
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Oh we're certainly sexual prudes over here. I'm sure JemyM could find a chapter or two in his textbooks that might clue you into the historical basis for that attitude. Of course, one might also give some thought to the fact that the best y'all have for "freedom of expression" is the ability to show titties on TV. Since the entire basis of your point is that titties should be no big deal, congratulations! You've supported your argument with something that even you think is utterly blase. *golf clap*
What an interesting imaginary scenario

No, I don't think it's the best we have by itself. It's just an example.

The reason we're "superior" in terms of freedom of expression - is that we're less restricted in terms of what we can say in public and on national television.

Doesn't mean there are no limits.

Goes without saying.

I just found it amusing that it was brought up as an example of how "our countries" have things that could be the target of criticism.

Oh, I understand that people in America have no idea what Scandinavia is like. You probably have to visit for an extended period to realise just how far ahead of you we are in so many ways.

Now, don't get me wrong, we have a shit-ton of flaws - and I never blame the "people" of any country. There are always reasons for flaws.

We're all human beings - so we're all the same, really. But a country can change all the same, and I actually do think American culture is extremely relevant to the problems in America.

One HUGE problem with your culture is how you're basically brought up to believe you're the "greatest nation in the world" - but you're apparently not taught to understand what greatness actually means.

It's like greatness, to you, is about power - especially military power. I guess it's not about actual freedom for everyone. Oh, that's right - everyone who is poor and suffering has the freedom to change that - because it's equal opportunity, right?


But you see, even the brighter Americans are subject to that indoctrination. It's like you're all born patriots, at least partially - and that makes you extremely dense when it comes to recognising flaws.
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