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March 2nd, 2013, 18:29
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Hours, shmowers, I put in over 300 in skyrim and never even finished the game. But my character is poised to when I get back into it.

All I want to know is are there going to be any QTEs? Those things quickly took me out of Witcher 2 and I never finished it.
I was so mad about the QTEs in W2 that I google searched if they had updated the game to see if it was possible to disable the QTEs out. ( I periodically check to see if the developers added the feature).

And low and behold I find a link that came out just 10 hours ago that says NO QTEs in Witcher 3. yipeeeeeeeeeeee

Bring on the 50 or the 100, I'm good for either.

LINKY LINKY…-events/798762
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