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March 12th, 2013, 18:49
Bah, Hungary is being demonized in the press. All that's happening *so far* is that Orban is attempting to prize the communist era establishment from the courts and media … and the establishment is fighting back.

Also he dares to express the HUGELY controversial, outdated and prejudiced belief that marriage is between two people of the opposite sex. And to write it into the constitution.

That said, Hungarians do themselves little credit by being unashamedly xenophobic eg the hatred of Romanians is far from a fringe thing (something to do with the treaty of Trianon). If you ever go there and meet a Hungarian, watch their eyes light up when you ask if they've been to 'Temesvar' (known as the Romanian town of Timisoara to the rest of the world). They'll be delighted that you called it by its 'rightful' name (and not because it's a pronunciation thing). If you then ask 'why don't you take Timesvar back militarily?', you will more often than not, get a long and serious reply.
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