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March 14th, 2013, 01:15
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It seems everywhere I look there's someone bashing Skyrim these days. Apparently, the story is really bad and the NPCs are terrible.

Funny thing, as I actually enjoyed both those aspects immensely while playing. Might not be quite at Witcher level - but I'd put it up against any Bioware game or any other open world game any time.
The story though is still the weak point of all TES games. Skyrim was the first game to at least put some effort into correcting that. I would still pick Bioware for story though sorry.

But then again I prefer narrative story based games over hiking simulators.

Is it a good game though? In my opinion yes. I have other doubts anyway instead of comparing the game to Skyrim anyway.

Skyrim was declared as GOTY by many sites. But to me, TW2 and DX:HR deserved GOTY more than it did. Still I can't complain, when any RPG gets GOTY recognition, I'm happy.
I think this says it all. I whole heartily agree.
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