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Default Shroud of the Avatar - Update #19, New Stretch Goals and Bonus Rewards

April 2nd, 2013, 12:48
You can't have enough Kickstarter bonuses and stretch goals, so here are a few more for Shroud of the Avatar.
$1.5M: Content is King + Iolo + Spoony interviews Richard
  • Denis Loubet Cover art! (Denis made every Ultima cover except Ultima 2)
  • New David “Iolo” Watson musical composition! (Iolo created “Stones” for Ultima!)
  • Noah “Spoony” Antwiler interviews (roasts?) Richard “Lord British” Garriott
  • 20 additional unique scenes including arctic scene sets
  • Starting continent doubles in size
$1.6M: Shipping Lanes Open for business + New Island Content Set + Soundtrack
  • New “Mysterious Island” content, city, and scenes
  • Ports with boats that run on schedules to transport players to areas beyond the mainland; Safety not guaranteed! (In short, be prepared to defend your vessel!)
  • Trans-Atlantic shipping lanes open the way for localization to other languages (languages for consideration based on player support: German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, etc.)
$1.7M: Dynamic and Contested Resource Nodes + Optional Minimap System
  • Meteorites, volcanic eruptions, outbreaks of rare plants and animals can appear and vanish suddenly (online and offline) for those who are paying attention. Some PVP focused resources appear in tile
  • Optional minimap system for the directionally impaired!
  • The Lost Vale - A new mini-adventure centered around a lost valley previously hidden to players, now visible only during special astronomical alignments.
$1.8M: Tracy Hickman Novel + Catacombs + Apprentice System + Cloaks!
$1.9M: The World is a Stage!
$2M: Players Take over the World!!!
$2.25M: Mod tools + Unique Art Creation skill + Expanded Player Customization $2.5M: Full VR Treatment!
If you like to see more details or would like to know about the additional bonuses, check their update page.
More information.

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