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April 5th, 2013, 08:14
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The info you guys want is there they just don't put it as updates, which I think they miss because of that. However, there is a ton of info out if you look.
It might be. In general however I don't read walls of text nor do I watch lengthy videos on the Internet for the simple reason that I feel I lack the time for that? Still I've checked out quite a bit on this one. I am only interested in the offline single player game and I just hope the game that does tribute to the Ultima games is there. I do hope the game becomes a success however I am sceptic. I have read information from RG in the past on his ideas what games should become and felt I was not in his target group. He hasn't convinced me yet that I am now.
He might pick up more money than DOS but that is a game that I really want to play, for SotA I'm not that sure.

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