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April 12th, 2013, 21:09
I could look at Consortium if you like. I couldn't compare it to Bioshock or Mass Effect though, because I haven't played those. I'd be comparing it to System Shock 2, if anything at all. Maylander plays many games very quickly and would be a good source if he's interested.

I bought the Gog version of Baldur's Gate, so I could play that game if you'd like a couple of retrospectives based on version. I never have finished Baldur's Gate as something else came along the first time I played it and I never went back. I'd be fresh eyes there. I remember I romanced Aerie and wanted to kill whiny Jaheira. I have never played BGII very far either as I hated all the contingencies and counter spells of that game. Let me know.
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