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April 13th, 2013, 15:58
Originally Posted by Kordanor View Post
Of course you can have seen it all back then - in one playthrough. But in this case you must have used a guide/walkthrough which also points you to every dungeon which is not relevant to finish the game.
Nah, all you had to do is follow every possible path from every waypoint. Which I assume a lot of people have done because travelling simply was fun.

And while people exist who have seen it all, I am pretty sure that the vast majority of players have only seen like 70% or less of the original game. If they finished it at all. Of course, that isn't of any help for you unfortunately.
I guess there are some people who like 'hardcore' RPGs but haven't played RoA and would be put off by the graphics or interface. But that's a really small niche I think.
Originally Posted by sakichop
So basically what people want is a game where you can play many different races having violent sex with up to 3 friends while yelling obscenities.
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