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April 19th, 2013, 12:13
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- Removing checks and balances only to replace them with your own cronies.
Well, just about every new government on earth does this. Look what happened in your own country with warrants for phone GPS/emails/facebook etc. The trouble starts when the new cronies do a particularly bad job, or their influx is on a particularly wide scale, or they work only for the ruling elite. Not sure I see that in Hungary?

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- Ignoring the ECHR (surely the European Court on Human Rights in Strasbourg is filled with communist stooges) and your own constitutional court
The constitutional court is is the front line commie establishment. The ECHR is mad - even the UK government openly wants out and I don't see a witch hunt against the UK. Look at ECHR rulings on 'right to family life' which paralyzes any sanctions against criminals (foreign and domestic) and hate preachers living off huge taxpayer welfare.

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Claiming that Orban's opponents represent the "communist era establishment" seems a bit silly.
It's not just them, but they lead the charge. Certain ethnic minorities, liberals, media establishment figures as well as the 'normal healthy' opposition that accompanies anything, tag along making opposition wider.

The communist era establishment is not geriatric yet, today's 35 year olds (ie youngsters as far as power goes) spent their formative years under a centrally planned socialist totalitarian system where nepotism ruled. And once you're up in the system you can appoint others who will scrub your back if you scrub theirs, regardless of whether the old ideological facade is still relevant.
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