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April 21st, 2013, 04:44
With Great Cleave, you can qualify for Improved Critical at 24. I think you also qualify for one of the monk epics being a WIS build.

After tonight dismal performance in the Cursed Crypt, I went over Ijii. One heart later, and about 60k in plat at the AH and a search through every character's inventory, she's now a somewhat sturdier Arcane Archer.

Her gear was in such a bad state that she didn't even have a heavy fort item. Even though I have a ML9 HF belt sitting in the bank. That's been corrected with a Minos, and her armor upgraded to a GFL. She'd been using a IFL armor I crafted back when that was the max she could use.

I also found out she had multiple skill items for trap skills. I dumped that entirely, so most of that stuff is gone. I'm keeping the spot goggles, and that's it. And that mostly because I have no other goggles to slot there, though I guess I could craft some Blindness Ward of whatevers.

I'm still lacking a few things, there were no CON6 items on the AH she could use (being 12, that means only CON6 pure items, so I'm not truly concerned. I should get a choice come 13, in 26,000xp). She also needs a STR6 and a DEX6 item, with DEX being more critical (she doesn't have one). And I'd like a Devotion ring, so I don't have to swap to get the most out of her limited healing. But at least now there is Cure moderate wounds.

It was the night before Hogswatch…

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