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April 24th, 2013, 11:20
Haven't seen Oblivion - so can't comment on that, but I actually think Tom Cruise is a very talented actor.

His work in Collateral, Interview with a Vampire, Magnolia, Tropic Thunder and so on is quality stuff.

He strikes me as an extremely dedicated actor that takes his job very seriously. I don't like the way he plays the Hollywood game and picks so many hollow blockbuster scripts - but I realise it's necessary for success on that level.

His problem, in my opinion, is his public persona where he comes off as a deluded weirdo.

But considering that he's primarily an action star - I think he's among the best of that bunch.

I do think he should stop being the action hero right about now, though, because he's getting harder and harder to take seriously as a bad-ass. Especially considering his small stature.

For instance, Jack Reacher was an awful movie - and he DID NOT fit the part at all.
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