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April 30th, 2013, 18:59
Over the weekend installed Gothic 1 and played it up to finding the Old Camp. It didn't run out of the box on Win 7 64 bit. Imagine that.

There is a patch out there that fixes it pretty much (except the PB splash video is dark, no great loss I assume). Got used to the controls for fighting, jumping/climbing, inventory, again. Not bad once you get the hang of it. A lot of trial and error though. Remapping keys doesn't work so well. I remapped movement keys to standard WASD. The original arrow keys are too awkward. The game doesn't always de-assign keys, so you can can have have 1 key assigned to 2 functions, and of course the original assignment can take priority. Pretty basic stuff that shouldn't still be bugged after all these years…
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