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May 2nd, 2013, 18:03
So that puts us on alternate toons tomorrow. I'd like to hash this out before game time if possible. Available to run from my stable:

Botdu: arcane archer, just shy of lvl6, outlevelling content quickly but don't really care about that (wouldn't mind doing Necro1 since that's a pain to solo, needs Sharn chain)

Shadohe: monk, lvl13 (nearly finished with Desert, Lordsmarch1 complete, needs Cursed Crypt still)

RhoGu: arty, lvl16 (needs Bridge chain and just started Vale, GH complete)

Phuury: pale master, lvl24 (pretty much done with appropriate content, but no problems repeating stuff)

Technically, I'll have Klubbir available as a lvl1 bard by tomorrow, but it might screw things up for us to get a headstart on Korthos.

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