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May 21st, 2013, 18:51
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I am talking about the waves from wireless networks and electromagnetic fields.

The experiment on this were conducted as follows. A room was rigged so it could be both shielded and bombarded. A participant were allowed to sit in this room. First the room was bombarded with waves, but the participant was told they were in a shielded room. In this experiment they were asked how they felt and they said they felt quite well. Then the room was turned off and shielded, meaning that the waves were now reduced to a minimum. But they were now told that the fields were turned on. The participant now complained over nausea, headaches and some even got physical reactions (dermatitis).

These proven that what is called electrical allergy is a psychopathology. But it's not just imagination, the stress reactions needs to be taken seriously.
That is an interesting observation, and not suprising as our minds can create many effects that are as real as we/our minds can make (hence psychosis).

You are looking at it from the pshycological point of view, and I am thinking of the actual physical harm that they can cause over prolonged exposures and at high intensities. We are taking about high frequency, high intensity waves or electromagnetic waves that have similar effect to the microwave on water particles but on living (dielectric) tissue. There is real physical harm there as well.
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