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May 21st, 2013, 20:54
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That is an interesting observation, and not suprising as our minds can create many effects that are as real as we/our minds can make (hence psychosis).

You are looking at it from the pshycological point of view, and I am thinking of the actual physical harm that they can cause over prolonged exposures and at high intensities. We are taking about high frequency, high intensity waves or electromagnetic waves that have similar effect to the microwave on water particles but on living (dielectric) tissue. There is real physical harm there as well.
I am talking about the concerns over things that have been tested to be harmless in the current quantities (including radio, electromagnetic fields, mobile phone radiation, wifi networks etc).

Humanity haven't changed for millions of years and there are some human phenomenons that are just recycled generation upon generation. The same concerns were made regarding railway-roads over a hundred years ago, 50 years ago with the introduction of FM-radio and television and regarding computer screens.

Been following the science. Millions have been spent in research with no evidence to show anything beyond psychology.

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