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May 21st, 2013, 23:43
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Nowhere from those two statements can someone make the logical leap that anti-depressants cause mass killings.
This was the point. We do not need to think long and hard to understand that: "Depressed people are responsible for mass killings and are on anti-depressants."

But the posts by mudsling claim precisely: "anti-depressants lead to mass killings".
This is the fallacious logic.

The rest of my post was an attempt to explain the psychological mechanisms behind this logic. The reason these links argue the way they do is because some people are naturally prone to see foreign substances to be a threat. It's easy to see why this instinct have evolutionary value as many poisons and diseases are dangerous to us. But in this day and age this survival mechanism lead to irrational thoughts and behavior. If you add instinct to logic it will now look like this:

A)Foreign substances are dangerous. <- premise injected by instinct
B)People responsible for mass killings were on anti-depressants.
C)The mass killings were caused by anti-depressants.

I have spent some time with this psychology because I find it fascinating. Much of the health-food industry and alternate medicine industry are built on people with this instinct.

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