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May 24th, 2013, 18:05
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Fret, the Bible says those who bless and support Israel, God will bless. Those who curse Israel will be cursed by God. They are still His chosen people, a part of the EVERLASTING covenant He made with them and He is not finished with them. Jer 32 is a reasonable place to start, though perhaps you should begin with 31.
“His blood be upon us and on our children." - Matthew 27:24–25

These people not only denied and continue to deny their saviour, they also embrace a sick and twisted distortion of the old covenant and for all sense and purpose they are no longer "chosen" for anything.

These people do not keep the covenant, they do not worship God, they do not accept their messiah, and they don't even have any blood relation to the ancient hebrews. They don't even have the fucking right to the curse I quoted, being that they are not related to the Pharisees in anything except the origin of their twisted parody of a religion. Even the `Pharisees would not be rotten enough to twist the Old Covenant into a damn blood cult.

Why exactly are they "chosen" for anything except damnation? Their only shot at salvation is accepting Christ as lord and saviour, they are not special in any way, except if you find some prophecy involving khazarian blood-cult converts from the middle-ages. And as the enlightened dude above has mentioned, what has the genocidal aberration now known as "Israel" have to do with the promised land of the ancient Hebrews? Hell, even the most hardline traditional jews deny Israel.

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Sola Scriptura makes total sense to me and little else does. What is your problem with it?
Where and how do you think the Bible came to be? Do you think it fell down from heaven one sunny day? Biblical infallibility is the silliest religious notion ever begotten, in line with the stupid "bibliolatry" that you have in religions such as Islam. It is the reason why there are american kids learning at school that the world was created in 7 days and that we all descend from Adam and Eve. It is ignorance. And besides, it doesn't fucking work, as evidenced by the fact that in the U.S alone there are over 12.000 different and conflicting protestant "churches" and most of them can't agree over a letter.

The Biblical canon was only officially established in the 5th century(though for practical purposes it was already pretty much set in early 4th century and late 3rd century) and it was done so by the Apostolic authority which as a protestant you so hate and deny. Christianity is not a "biblioatry religion" such as the Q'ran, it is a religion of tradition. The Bible is a fruit of that tradition and Christianity existed and did well long before there was a Biblical canon.

Christ Himself did not write any book, did not demand that any book be written, and did not mention that an "infallible" book would be the source of the New Covenant. Ironically there is not mention of "Sola Scriptura" in the Bible, which makes this very doctrine self-denying and redundant.

What did Christ establish? He chose 12 apostles and granted the authority of his Church to Saint Peter, the first Pope. And He left his revelation to be transmitted through TRADITION handed down by APOSTOLIC AUTHORITY, not scripture(though scripture is surely a VERY important part of that tradition).

Hence Catholicism and Orthodoxy make sense. Protestantism doesn't.

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I should point out that most of the churches I've been involved with in the last 15 or so years were composed of anywhere from 60-80% FORMER Catholics!!
Vatican II "Catholicism" is not Catholicism. It is a parody of it, as ridiculous as any guitar playing and jump-dancing protestant "church". Except off course, the protestant "churches" actually stand up for something, Vatican II liberals don't stand for nothing. I'm not surprised at all that people are jumping the sinking ship. It is a worldwide phenom and it also involves conversions to oriental religions, atheism and even Islam. "Traditionalist"(a.k.a: "Real") Catholics such as myself are a minority going against the grain and being forced to disobey Church authority and the Pope(many traditional Catholics actually believe the last Pope was Pius XII).

This video explains a lot without needing to say anything.
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