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May 26th, 2013, 06:10
What was this pre-historic event you mention? I have a reply to all your beliefs, but you won't accept them because you doubt the infallibility of the Bible. My God is able to ensure His Word, the Bible, is true and infallible so that all people can know and understand His will. I'm trying to find some common ground for discussion. If there's no Adam, there's no Fall and therefore no need for Christ to die on the cross. As someone who teaches the Bible, I realise that all its patterns begin in Genesis. I see the Bible as an integrated whole and I support the basic hermeneutical principle of Scripture interpreting Scripture within the context of it being an integrated whole.

Luther always considered himself a Catholic; he really didn't want to break from Rome. You are totally correct when you say he posted his theses on the notice board for discussion, but why didn't the church respond to his challenge? I have many issues with his writings and views so I'm not trying to defend him in any way. I also realise that large parts of the 'Protestant Reformation' were more political than religious. Church and State manipulation is to be found on both sides.

Damian you are basically correct.

If God said it, then that settles it!!

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