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May 26th, 2013, 11:21
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Seems to me that if you like the opposite of all that, you need to just accept the reality that youre possibly into men. Just sayin
Heard that before. It's false. What you do is to pass on your own taste as "man". You could have used "white", "American" as well and you could have spoken about your taste in hamburgers, you would still speak out of your own insecurity. People who falsely associate their personal taste with some attribute they have are just inexperienced. But it's when they try to pass it on as "the real deal" they reveal their insecurity.

Men who prefer strong women aren't particularly rare, one have to be very inexperienced to not know one. We aren't lesser men than you are. To the contrary. The taste presented by you xSamhainx seem to be rooted in your own situation. You seek someone who can make you feel greater than you are, and a person who is afraid of spiders and cry to movies can allow you to feel large. But you also wish to have recognition for this from others, so you pass it on as a "real man" with "real taste" in women.

But all that tells me is how you see yourself and it does make you seem rather small doesn't it? Not being afraid of spiders and not crying to movies? These are your achievements? Nah. You're a man, but not one I would say is confident about himself. I am sure your wife is ok. The only problem is the justification from other men you seek here in this thread, that tells me about you and your own fears.

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