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May 26th, 2013, 16:43
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That's all - all variants exist and are interesting. The delta between average woman and man behaviour is shrinking, but I don't think it will be zero one day.

Men and women are different and that's the way I like it. "Everything equal" is boring
By suggesting women should be similar to a "woman-stereotype" or men should be similar to a "man-stereotype" you are promoting "everything equal". Just pointing that out.

Can't find the source of your graph, but since psychology is what I do, here's some 2013 research.

Science Confirms The Obvious: Men And Women Aren't That Different

"While there are average differences between the sexes, they aren't consistent enough to accurately characterize the entire group. Just because a man or woman fits into one stereotype for their gender doesn't mean they will fit into another."

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