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June 2nd, 2013, 08:55
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I think the psychological traumas of the war, passed on by the survivors, the hatred it bred betweeen peoples, and the loss of a whole generation to desth on the battlefield had a far greater impact than working mothers. That's just in general. I don't see any support for the "working moms breed mass murderers" idea of the OP.
How does the psychological trauma more half a century ago affect the increase of mass murderers today? And i changed my stance a little prior to you posting this. It seems mental health of children fare better on higher income brackets.

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There are bigger studies that counter some of her points.

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Of course they have that right. I'm talking about the belief by some that women can't or shouldn't pull their own weight. Let us know when you're ready to enter modern times.
No they dont. It is near impossible to be a full stay at home mom today. It is caused by the society and governments as a whole on a monetary level. A stay at home mom suffers more anger and depression as a result. Which could be causing mental problems in kids in itself.
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