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June 2nd, 2013, 10:58
  • Although the first overall selection in the 1987 Major League Baseball (MLB) Draft became a 13-time All-Star, the second overall selection never played in an MLB game. Which proves that baseball is just as incomprehensible as cricket.
  • In Nano Riantiarno's Semar Gugat the main character Semar (not pictured), traditionally a symbol of the people, uses a magic fart.
  • Ruut Veenhoven knows a lot about happiness.
  • Singaporean politician Chew Swee Kee got robbed of his trousers while on a family holiday. And a former Norwegian politican got robbed of all his clothes. AFAPR.
  • An unexpurgated journal of Queen Victoria records her delight in watching Prince Albert shave. Yeeeeech!!!!
  • Eugne Hnard envisaged roof-top helicopter landing pads in 1910, before helicopters had been invented. Just like the russians who invented the napking ring before the napkin was invented by a frenchman.
  • Berit Brnne's first children's book, from 1958, is a story about a sailor's family who adopted children from different parts of the world. Very likely pibbuyr has read that book or heard it on the readio.
  • Tokujiro Kanamori responded to over a thousand questions in defence of the Constitution of Japan, with his answers taking up to an hour and a half each.
  • Mathematician Zhang Yitang proposed a proof that there are infinitely many pairs of prime numbers with a prime gap of 70 million or less. You may not want to know this. Pibbur does.

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