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June 2nd, 2013, 18:36
Provide data on the "rise of mass murderers" or end of discussion. That means proportional statistics, not anecdotal links to modern world-wide mass-media.

As far as parenting goes, training is good, you can't be parent and work 40-70 hours per week, the more adults (like grandparents) invested in a child's life the merrier, modern insight in things like autism, borderline, dyslexia etc is insight, not political correctness.

Also regarding; "2. No more stay at home moms. 3. Children with special needs don't have mothers looking after them." <- then where is the father? This is the obvious question isn't it?

We can't celebrate a culture that glorifies incompetent men as representatives of manhood. If a man can't be a participating parent he is incompetent and not a "real men", no excuses. Tons of fathers out there who show they are completely fit at participating in their child's upbringing, nurturing their child. All my (male) friends do so and you can tell it's very important to them.

Why oh why is it always the most useless men on the planet who claim to be "real men".

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