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June 2nd, 2013, 19:36
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A question many may not have considered.

"But, some will say, isnít a requirement for background checks worthwhile if it might save one innocent life? And what if the requirement might cost one innocent life? Is one innocent life more valuable than another?" - Sheldon Richman from Future of Freedom Foundation…ground-checks/
Hmm, never considered this question, because it's a rather dumb one. Forget the completely loaded question at the end - "Is one innocent life more valuable than another?" Please, save it. The Sheldon Richman's of the world have already made it clear that a few innocent lives are less important than their right to own and bear arms, and they have waded through the statistics of tens of thousands of innocent victims of gun violence to cherry pick the VERY rare cases in which a gun was successfully used in a self-defence situation.

The real wishy-washy part of the statement comes from impying that an innocent life can be lost as easily by the presence of a background check, as by its absence. How does that work, excatly? I can easily see how a background check could SAVE an innocent life (e.g., an individual with a history of domestic violence wants to buy a gun? Individual denied). Please, walk me through an innocent life being lost due directly to a background check being required. Right now, the only situations I can think of are blatently silly (e.g., a person suffers a stroke while filling out the forms for a background check; a person is being hunted and needs a gun RIGHT NOW OR THEY'RE GONNA SHOOT ME!) I'm sure you have a better example in mind and I'm being stupid for not seeing it, but help me out.

Would background checks solve America's obscenely high rate of gun-related deaths? No. Unfortnately, most gun deaths occur due to accidents, owner errors, and plain stupidity. But does the cost of lawabiding, responsible Americans submitting themselves to a background check before purchasing a firearm outweigh the peace of mind knowing John Felon can't just visit the nearest gun show to stock up? Would it be such an inconvience to at least make that avenue of gun aquistion less accessible to those people who (I hope) everyone can agree should not own guns?
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