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Default Fable - Anniversary FAQ And PC Release?

June 8th, 2013, 02:06
There's a new FAQ on the Lionhead Studios forums for Fable Anniversary.
Q: Can you be more specific about what exactly is being updated?

A: It was important to us that Fable Anniversary isn't just a simple port, we want it to be up there with the best looking games available on Xbox 360. In order to achieve this vision, we have;
  • An entirely new lighting system, powered by Unreal.
  • All new models, textures and materials - leather now actually looks and feels like leather!
  • All new particle fx, to make Fireballs hotter than ever!
  • All new facial and cutscene animation technology to bring even more life to our story sequences!
  • Widescreen support! A 4:3 TV is sooooo 2004, so you can enjoy Fable Anniversary with 16:9 beauty!
  • Also, not forgetting sound! All our audio has been fully remastered for surround sound!
Q: When is Fable Anniversary launching?

A: Fable Anniversary will launch later this year.

Q: Will content from The Lost Chapters be included in Anniversary?

A: Absolutely - all of the content from The Lost Chapters will be included.

Q: Will there be new quests or content?

A: Our intention with Fable Anniversary was to re-capture the game that so many fell in love with and bring it up to date for a modern generation of console gamers. We think the story, quests and gameplay of the original game are what lead to it becoming a critically acclaimed title in 2004, and we've got no intention of changing or adding to that with Anniversary.
Also we get the tyipcal Microsoft answer from Lionhead about a PC release on Gamespot.
"We're not ruling out a PC version, however, nothing is in development at this time,"
More information.

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