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June 9th, 2013, 02:03
just got back from shooting mine - great fun!

Technically the AR-15 that i own is not an "assault rifle", a true assault rifle has a full auto mode and likely doesnt have the restrictions that i must abide by for my california-legal rifle. 10 round max magazine, for example. But things like a collapsing stock for going from long to short range really increase the tactical capabilities of the weapon, and of course, the fun factor.

i just have the iron sights, no scope, and im pretty damn accurate up to 50-100'. They also have an array of targets: everything from zombies, to thugs holding a hostage at gunpoint. Next weekend, we're going to head outdoors and shoot fruit and vegetables. Makes it a tad more fun when you get the splatter effect.

bad part is that ammo is roughly $1.00 a 5.56 round for the rifle! makes things a little expensive til prices come back down. Thats alright, need practice on the handgun anyway as well.
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