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June 9th, 2013, 06:12
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I guess it's worth mentioning that the crime rates in the USA are now lower than they have *ever* been. Mass murders still remain extremely rare.
True but mass murderers has increased 5 fold. I still think that is a troubling thing.

Children with special needs are most certainly taken better care these days. If you think otherwise, then you have no idea how shitty it used to be for them. Not to mention that child labor, which often wasn't very different from slavery, was still very common in USA in the 20's, before it started to disappear in the 30's.
You are correct. I think since 1993 the policing is stronger since it is much easier to catch criminals with dna evidence.

Yeah, housing prices are higher (It's called "inflation", check it out). People on average also have much more money, and can buy much better houses with much better facilities, than they could in the 30's.
I dont think its true that housing prices are just due to inflation. From 1954 to 1994 inflation was 443.49%. From 1914 to 1964 it was 169%.…alculator.aspx

But yeah, now women are allowed to go to work. The horror, the horror.
I dont have a problem with the fact that women are allowed to work, just the fact that if a woman (or man for that matter) wanted to look after a problem child they cannot.
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