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June 12th, 2013, 05:24
My current view which is not fully formed is that I think it may not fully illegal what he has done. Is it illegal to expose unconstitutional activities performed by the US government? In all likelihood it is by current interpretation of the law and the Supreme Court will likely never rule on it even if given opportunity. I think what he has exposed is not a surprise to me especially after warrant-less wiretaps but is effectively illegal search of all Americans and therefore unconstitutional regardless of the hoops they force themselves to jump through.

What actually bugs me most is the attitude toward foreign persons. Basically, anyone not a US citizen is effectively fully unprotected and we do not seem to care. The US has sunk to a new low when it is not trying to uphold rights for all humanity and has engaged in us-vs-them mentality like we would expect from our worst enemies. (Of course there is nothing new here and was folly to believe anything but the worst of the government.)

Anyway I've seen a lot of people putting their heads in a hole and saying something like "I have nothing to hide; they can search my emails, house and car anytime they want. I totally trust my government and its employees to do the right thing."

This guy states something close to my view better than I do here.
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