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June 12th, 2013, 11:45
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I'm really looking forward to the logical gymnastics coming from the Obama-bots as they try to defend their messiah. He knew, he's admitted he knew, and he's defended the decision. Not much wiggle room left.
EVERYONE should be appalled that (a) in the government reaction to 9/11 we did exactly what everyone said 'would let the terrorists win' (i.e. massive government police state build-up) (b) none of it has gone away.

Actually I find it more interesting to see all the right-wingers who were all 'rah rah patriotism, combat terror, you can't be against this if you have nothing to hide' when it was shown just how deep the Bush administration had gone in this area (i.e. none of this is really new), who are all now 'OMG this is awful'.

It WAS awful, IS awful and always will be awful.

— Mike
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