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June 12th, 2013, 12:24
Well… what surprised me is that a lot of people appeared surprised.

Facebook and google for example makes it clear that they are keeping all your personal information. The U.S. government haven't made it a secret that they are supervising internet either, even if they are not making it as clear as the swedish gouverment ( the FRA means that swedish gouverment can basically save and supervise everything, and they are telling clearly they do that, given that facebook is building it's data-center in Sweden… it also means Swedish gov, get all the Facebook info).

But anyway no surprise is there it is more or less already known information. They could as well have made it even more clear to avoid such a thing happening.

Either way Snowden is in the wrong, if you are working in a government function and sign papers to keep secrets for the good of the nation ( same thing appears for some of the wikileaks ). Sometimes there is a reason that something is KEPT secret, and the boss might not tell you in detail why, and revealing this could endanger a lot of people. He should have found another method for what he wanted to do.
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