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June 21st, 2013, 13:10
I would think that bipartisanship as applied in a two party system refers to people working together to solve a common issue, not to any divide into two opposing groups.

The PRISM scandal is a good example though why any divide into uniform political blocks does not make sense. People should rather think for themselves instead of being bound by some party ideology. Of course, what tends to happen in the US in particular (but here in Europe as well, unfortunately) is that politicians are either government lapdogs, or lapdogs for one industrial complex or another, or both, but rarely have the judgement and moral compass to make decisions for the common good on their own.

I imagine many of those young, bright and idealistic people who moved Obama's electoral campaign into the age of computer modeling, modern communication and crowdsourcing must feel betrayed by his bid for indiscriminate communication surveillance and storage. I certainly would feel that way.
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