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June 23rd, 2013, 12:54
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Those mods are nothing but porn with plot. I guess there a good example that it can be done I guess. There are a few more nwn 1+2 mods like those also.

Still many would be offended by the content in these mods.
I disagree.

Some of the best conversations I've seen in any mod is in A Dance with Rogues.
Thief skills matter - entire levels can be solved without combat.
Porn elements are rare - most scenes evolve only in your brain and through conversation not graphically.
Combat is challenging - the story is full of twists and alternative pathes.

A Dance with Rogues is a Top 20 Mod at NWN Vault with an average rating of 9.88 out of 10. So many CRPG players agree with me

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