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June 23rd, 2013, 23:58
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When did defeat in combat ever end the game?
lolwut? How many RPGs do you know where the death of all characters in combat does not end the game?

Story and setting make the player care. In case of sexual failure, you would not even have to reload or have your character magically resurrected in order to try again.
Which is exactly my point. There would either be negligible consequences for failure, which wouldn't make the player care at all, or if the consequences were drastic, that would be goofy.

Hey, I'm willing to try micromanagement in a gardening simulator. I bet there would be a huge market for a good gardening simulator.
hey good 2 know your statements are joke posts. kthxbye

"In Grimwhoah, you can ride on turtles."
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