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June 25th, 2013, 00:11
DRM to me means rather obtrusive spyware that means little or no hassle to me in practice. This is obviously helped by the fact that I use it to run games that are at least 1-2 years older than my current machine; I probably wouldn't buy a game with DRM whose hardware requirements I barely meet b/c of the additional hit in performance.
DRM is also pretty clearly defined in that it's completely unnecessary - neither my machine nor the program really need it - and in my case, I'm also not in the group that is allegedly its target (I haven't pirated a [newer] game in quite some time).

As for future compatibility: we'll see. As I understand it DosBox started out as a non-commercial project, and see where we would be today if it hadn't come around. I'm putting my faith in emulation/ hacking/ patching.

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