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June 26th, 2013, 13:03
Edward Snowden's actions have been courageous and bold and brave - from my point of view. As many of you, I live in Denmark. The ISPs have been ordered by law to obtain and hide all communication via the internet, over the mobile/cell phone system as well as the land line system (traditionel phone system). The basis for this is an EU-directive from 10 years back or so…..

When I log on to RPGWatch the time is noted, how long my stay is, and when I lock out again. Also the name of the site RPGWatch is noted. When I use my cell phone, the time is noted, where I am when I'm using it, who am I calling and how long the call is/was. And the number I'm calling is also noted.

So what Snowden has uncovered re: the USA's surveillance of the citizens and people of USA we have known for many, many years in Denmark - as well as the rest of Europe (EU).

Please support - and save a mother giving birth to a child.
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