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June 27th, 2013, 02:39
!?!? Prop 8 is not a Mormon law. They were big backers for sure but if they were the only backers that law would never have been passed.

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You are using the highest court in the land to dictate POLICY. This was never the intention of the Supreme Court.
Huh? All they did was strike down a portion of a law that they see as unconstitutional. That's what they do.
You have a Puritan population electing Puritan officials. Progressive policies are enacted at a snail's pace in Congress not simply due to ineptitude and lobbyists, but based upon actual voters' feelings - ignorant or not.
To override the constitution of California (or any other state) you need a constitutional amendment, not a simple law passed by the majority at the time. That's why so many states went to the trouble to ban gay marriage in their own constitutions.

What the country truly needs is a tax code slashed in half - one not reliant on marital status whatsoever. This would then negate the need for a court to police a country's sentiment towards marriage.
Eh, sorta. Co-habitation is a pretty strong economic advantage as the couple gets to share so many things. Still, married people may not be living together and unmarried people may be living together so it's not as good an indicator as it was back in the 1950's.

So next on the list would be DOMA's law saying states don't have to recognize another state's marriage license when the couple is of the same gender. Given today's ruling, that doesn't sound too hard to crush. Then, after a mad flurry of out-of-state weddings, this game will be pretty much over.
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