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July 4th, 2013, 22:10
I'm in, not sure if I'm working Sat yet, but I kinda doubt it, usually I know before Friday.

Rachail - L3 - I have no idea what is up with her. I think she had finished most of the Harbor 2's.

Mirys - L7 - A bit off of 8, same place quest wise as the other 7's

Aerie - L9 - A rank in, still has some level 6's to work through, most of the 7's are actually done.

Ijii - L13 - Almost 14, may be 14. I really don't care about this one, so if we can, I'll bring Aneira in.

Aneira - L15, not far from 16. Waiting on someone to catch up to her basically.

Cairii - L16, almost 17. Working on Vale quests right now

Deamonfang - L15, don't care.

Fireflash - L18, holding 1 rank into 19. She's done IQ1 and 2 except for Dreamforge, so is probably going to be repeating for the most part.

Suisaidh and Mr Pump are both 20, and have done little-to-nothing past heroic stuff.

Mureall is L23, and stands for the Epic stuff.

Long term, I want to get Mirys and Aerie to 20 again. Fireflash is obvious. Beyond that, my next TR will likely be a Monk (Mureall most likely) or into Sorcerer again (Mirys or Aerie, depending. Mirys is better geared for TRing).

It was the night before Hogswatch…

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